Dive into the Night: Exploring Ian Buller’s EDM Sensation ‘In My Head’

Feel the pulse of the night with “In My Head,” the newest EDM sensation from Gameroom Records/Blackhole recordings, expertly crafted by the vibrant Ian Buller. This track stands out with its upbeat tempo and infectious rhythm, pulling you onto the dance floor.

In My Head by Ian Buller is an EDM/Electro Pop Track that blends dance and pop together, creating an enjoyable listening experience for all EDM/Electro Pop lovers.

When a DJ /producer takes to the stage, he is responsible for setting the mood of the dancefloor. Each one of the tracks that he plays, and everything he creates out of the studio forms a story about him – a story that he unfolds, hour after hour; single after single. This is a responsibility that Far North Queensland, Innisfail, Indigenous Australian artist Ian Buller thrives on.

Inspired by the sound designs and styles of some of the greats . Avicii, Martin garrix and MK. Ian Buller blends EDM and trance together.

Download and Stream – https://www.blackholerecordings.com/music/in-my-head/

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