Francis Mercier and Emmanuel Jal Join Forces in ‘Hustla’: A Fusion of Afro House and Electrifying Vocals

Renowned DJ/Producer Francis Mercier comes together with Emmanuel Jal for his newest single ‘Hustla’. Set for release via Diplo’s label, Higher Ground, this latest production delivers an enthralling listening experience, that’s both fresh in sound and unique in sonic makeup. 

An original track, ‘Hustla’ aims to attract attention from genre fans around the globe, offering a mix infused with Francis Mercier’s distinct Afro House sound, the production no doubt adds a colourful flavour to his already striking release catalogue. As the track brings together an eclectic range of components, incorporating elements from all corners of the world, Francis Mercier places his dynamic signature sound in the spotlight once again; with a style developed from his rich and diverse cultural background, his distinct style appears as a refreshing and unique offering, standing out unlike any other within Electronic Music today. A name that continues to echo with respect, support, and status, the talented Producer and DJ has yet again delivered a production that perfectly epitomises his captivating vibe and the diverse musical influences that highlight his rich and multicultural heritage.

On the inspiration behind this release and its production, Francis Mercier mentions:

“As a Haitian emigrant, it brings me great joy to once again release a proud and powerful production during Black History Month. In collaboration with South Sudanese vocalist, author, and activist, Emmanuel Jal, we together wrote and sang what it means to struggle, hustle, and survive in this incredibly vast and ever-challenging world.”

Emmanuel Jal’s touch on ‘Hustla’ cannot be overlooked; with a significant presence within the music world, alongside him being a renowned author, political activist and artist, his influence on the music scene continues to be felt as he consistently reaches milestone successes with each creative project he embarks on; among his list of accolades includes an impressive seven award-nominated studio albums and collaborations alongside gifted artists like Lauryn Hill, Xavier Rudd and Peter Gabriel. As he joins the track to add his powerful vocals to the mix, Emmanuel Jal elevates the listening experience one step higher, invigorating ‘Hustla’ with an electrifying energy that is sure to leave an impact. 

‘Hustla’ immediately showcases the charming voice of Emmanuel Jal, weaving his vocals together with a groovy rhythm section, powerful underlying bassline, and uplifting melodic leads. As the track propels forward, the emotive spoken voice leads the listener through vibrant elements and catchy panned background vocals, injecting the auditory experience with an element of serene dynamism. Leaving a bold and mighty impression, ‘Hustla’ will surely persuade listeners to join the party, stimulating them with its intricately interlaced sonic layers.

Make sure to follow Francis Mercier and Emmanuel Jal across social media to remain updated on their latest releases and projects. ‘Hustla’ is out now and available to stream and download across leading platforms.

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