Diving Into Hardstyle With D-Block & S-te-Fan And Their New Banger ‘Live For The Hard’

D-Block & S-te-Fan are two of the most iconic names in the scene of hardstyle. Their latest release, Live For The Hard, is already an iconic banger set to rumble stages like Defqon. On this occasion, we had the chance to sit down and chat with the guys about this crazy release, hardstyle, and lives!

Guys, it’s so good to have you here with us today! How is everything in your life going right now?

It’s busy times, Defqon is around the corner and that’s mostly the kick-off for the summer season and our new music. Apart from that, we have been very busy working on the twilight ceremony for Ghost Stories, which took a lot more time then we anticipated. Luckily this year we came prepared and we are ready to take the summer on in full swing!

You just dropped a brand new banger, Live For The Hard, what can you tell us about it? Sounds dope!

‘Live for the Hard’ is a collab with the talented Aversion, known from his track ‘Activation’. We wanted to combine our sounds into a hard hitting melodic banger with vocals describing our scene so well: they call us crazy, addictz, loud, rebels: but we all have one thing in common: Our love for hard music!

Not sure how you see it, but lately we feel like Hardstyle has become more and more embraced! Where do you see Hardstyle today?

It’s fun to see actually, artists from different genres like techno or EDM now embrace the tempo or the energy that was once only reserved for hardstyle. For the scene, it probably doesn’t do too much other than make people feel more comfortable with some of the elements, but hardstyle is very much a choice. People choose the music and stick to it, unlike most other genres. That’s what makes the hardstyle crowds some of the best out there and also as dedicated as can be. We really don’t wanna change much about that!  

What does a day in the studio look like for you? Got any routines or tricks to make such iconic music?

We basically always start with a chord progression or a melody. From there we work out what synth and kick would feel right for the song and start looking for ideas for the theme of the song. We write lyrics, record them, and then start building up the song brick by brick. For us that works the best.

With the summer slowly making its way, what are your near-future plans? Any special gigs or projects we should keep an eye on?

We have the twilight ceremony with Ghost Stories which we are really excited about and Defqon, in general we will have a lot of key moments to really push our new tracks to the next level. We will be doing over 30 shows in 2 months so we are happy to see all of you out there this summer or soon!

Listen to “Live For The Hard” on your favorite streaming platform here.


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