DJ Justri Speaks About her Passion for DJ Culture and More

1) Hey DJ Justri, how are you? We’re glad to have you here to ask you some questions about your music career and more.
Thanks for inviting me. The mood is excellent. let’s start

2) First of all, can you tell us at what age and how your passion for music started?
I have been fond of music since childhood, but after I first time heard the track ‘’The World Is Mine’’ performed by David Guetta, my love for House music was finally formed. I’ve always had an interest in DJ culture, and about 5 years ago, I played for the first time at my party as the main DJ. Since then, this has been my main hobby, passion and love.

3) Interesting story and we’re glad to see female DJs who have the power to enter into a world dominated by male DJs (and a lot of hate). So how do you feel being a female in the music industry?
This is an interesting question, but there is not much I can answer. For me, there is no difference between a man and a woman, especially in the field of art, where the concepts of “quality, coolness and the best” are subjective and everyone has their own opinion (even hatred)

4) How would you describe your mixing style?
Crunchy and saucy. I love expressive, dark music and especially modern “dirty” Tech House with some Bass House elements!

5) How do you feel being in the DJ booth when you see people dancing and enjoying your music?
This is my meaning of life, a source of energy and inspiration. I think, like many other artists, the DJ booth is a second home.

6) What’s the one memory you always remember from a club or gig you played and marked you in a good way?
Vang Vieng festival in Laos, where I played in front of 11 thousand people. For me, this was the first experience of performing in front of such a crowd of people and I remembered this stunning party for the rest of my life! There was incredible energy and huge positive feedback.

7) You recently did an exclusive DJ Mix for our audience, can you tell us more about it and where did you shoot it?
When I was locked during the global pandemic, I looked at my hometown of Kharkiv (Ukraine) from different angles and discovered many incredible places! One of such places was the reconstructed “City Market” which was founded more than 60 years ago. An incredible design that fits perfectly with my personality and music that I play.

8) What are some of your future plans? What are your dreams and how do you keep yourself motivated to achieve them?
Anything complex has simple solutions. Work, work, work. I try to have a small work plan at least for the next half year and stick to this plan. And when you work on what you love, you don’t need any motivation. You just enjoy any action.

9) Thank you for being here and answering our questions. We cannot wait to see you at the festivals when they will be back. Where can our audience find you on socials?
Most of all I hang out on Instagram, but I have also been actively developing YouTube lately. And I hope we’ll see you more often. Thank you for the invitation and let the music lead us to a bright future.

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