Don Diablo Announces the World’s First Full Length Concert NFT

The top-ranked Dutch DJ will make history with the launch of ‘Destination Hexagonia’, available for bidding from April 9.

Just a week after releasing his latest single ‘Eyes Closed’, Don Diablo is set to release the world’s first-ever full length NFT concert. The one-hour exclusive DJ set will be the first of its kind with the advantage of sci-fi style visuals featuring 3D rendered sets. The NFT ‘Destination Hexagonia’ will be up for auction and available to bid on via the crypto auction site SuperRare from April 9.

The NFT will come in a physical USB stick inside a one-of-one handcrafted mystery box with his own record label’s (HEXAGON) logo on it and will be shipped to the winning bidder. The feature-length animated live piece was inspired by his love for sci-fi films like Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey, and his futuristic approach to take things to the next level.

The future house pioneer revealed that he was inspired after the success of his first NFT, GΞNΞSIS, which was sold for $200,000 last month, making it one of the highest debut prices in the crypto art piece space. For his upcoming NFT ‘Destination Hexagonia’, he said, “We started working on this project last year and the goal was to create a next-level sci-fi inspired live set with a cinematic approach as a unique piece of futuristic art.” He also added that he felt “a responsibility to continue to push things further into the future and keep disrupting status quo.”

Don Diablo hopes to “inspire others to push harder and to think bigger” with the disruptive crypto art piece, with the promise of putting a large portion of the profits from the sale towards the HEXAGON Foundation, which he set up to help artists in the NFT space.

You can place your bids for Don Diablo’s ‘Destination Hexagonia’, the first one-hour sci-fi concert NFT, from Friday, April 9 via SuperRare.

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