Donkong Drop New Future House Single “Let Me Go” on Spinnin’: Listen

Donkong are back with an amazing Future House release “Let Me Go” out now on Spinnin’ Records

Just a week after releasing their genre-bending gospel inspired collaboration ‘Ah Lord’ with Marten Hørger, Donkong are back with another amazing release. Bringing their dystopian cyberpunk and future vibes in another genre, the German duo of Johannes and Thomas dropped a new future house single “Let Me Go” out now on SPRS via Spinnin’ Records.

Donkong are on fire with a string of hits in 2021 for which they garnered massive support from some of the most prominent artists in the industry. Their latest single captures the unique futuristic sound they offer with a boomy bass line under an addictive beat. What stands out the most are the production elements and the attention to detail they have paid in the song with a modern style vocal being present.

Talking to us about the story behind the song, Donkong said:

Well, the song is about people in a relationship drifting apart slowly, and you’re trying to fix it. The dark and sad intro is when you hit rock bottom and the build-up & drop is when you find your way back into fighting for the other person.”

“Let Me Go” delivers exactly what’s offered, with a delicious ebb and flow between the different sections. The build-up has a cinematic feel to it that adds suspense for the listener. This tension continues till the drop that comes in with a victorious sense of liberation. Overall, it is a great record that has been produced extremely well to tell a story of struggle, hardships, and finally relief.

Donkong also help upcoming artists to find a voice of their own and develop an artistic profile with their weekly feedback streams on twitch. You can also check out their tutorials on YouTube here.

Listen to “Let Me Go” by Donkong, out now on SPRS via Spinnin’ Records below.

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