DubVision Joined Forces with Jem Cooke to Create ‘Take Me To Another World’

DubVision are set to embark on an exhilarating new musical journey with the release of their latest single, “Take Me To Another World,” featuring the soulful vocals of UK singer Jem Cooke. This highly-anticipated track marks the beginning of a new era for DubVision, promising an influx of fresh music in the coming months.

Jem Cooke, a long-desired collaborator of DubVision’s, caught their attention with her mesmerizing and soulful UK sound. Having admired her talent for three years, fate intervened during the album-making process when Jem serendipitously sent the duo an enchanting acapella titled ‘Another World.’ Instantly captivated by the dreamy melody and emotive vocals, DubVision set to work, crafting a track that perfectly complemented Jem’s performance..

“‘Another World’ symbolizes the bold leap we are taking as artists to elevate our music and elevate our live shows to unprecedented heights,” states DubVision. “We are committed to delivering more than just a great song to our audience; we aim to provide an unforgettable experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional performances. DubVision expressed their excitement, “We aspire to transport our visionary followers to ‘another world,’ where music and visuals coalesce to create an extraordinary realm of sonic and visual enchantment.”

Download and Stream: http://stmpd.co/qjtDAW2W

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