EDMNOMAD Gets Involved In The Crypto Industry

EDMNOMAD is very tech-friendly and we love exploring new ways of implementing technology in what we create with our brand.

We, at EDMNOMAD, are very tech-friendly and we love exploring new ways of implementing technology in what we create with our brand. We currently have released NOMADAPP so far, where you can create playlists with your favorite DJ sets from Tomorrowland, Ultra, etc. (we have over 1,000 sets to listen to) and are having new ideas for future apps and utilities to help to enhance the experience of music lovers.

We are also getting involved in the crypto industry with plans to release our first NFT collections with art created by Klaus and me (the co-founders of EDMNOMAD). We believe this novel technology (NFTs, cryptocurrencies, etc) is a great facilitator for a more decentralized society in which communities may self-govern themselves through a peer-to-peer mesh network with no 3rd parties to intervene between them.

There are a lot of discussions online regarding the carbon footprint these cryptocurrencies and their blockchains emit through their networks and, even though we are concerned about it as we love our planet (it’s the only one we have) and the nature we are surrounded with, we believe the cryptocurrency industry and their networks are just in their infancy and things may and will change in the future.

There are a lot of bright minds already involved in crypto building a greener future (IOTA has built a network different from the classic blockchain called the Tangle which allows transactions to have no fees [the sender sends 1 unit, the recipient receives 1 unit] and has no mining, whereas in Bitcoin or Ethereum there are miners who confirm transactions and charge a fee on each transaction for the work and energy they invest in and for providing security by solving complex mathematical problems).

With this being said, we are announcing that we have joined BitClout. “BitClout is a new type of social network that lets you speculate on people and posts with real money, and it’s built from the ground up as its own custom blockchain. Its architecture is similar to Bitcoin, only it can support complex social network data like posts, profiles, follows, speculation features, and much more at significantly higher throughput and scale. Like Bitcoin, BitClout is a fully open-source project and there is no company behind it – it’s just coins and code.” as per their one-pager.

Everyone on the platform has their own coin and people can buy and sell people’s coins, which are called “creator coins”. The price goes up when people buy, and the price goes down when people sell. It’s an interesting concept and we are looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

*Disclaimer: We currently own less than 1 EDMNOMAD Coin on BitClout of a total of 2.0910 coins in circulation coin and receive 25% of new coins minted when the price of our coin hits a new all-time high.

EDMNOMAD - Founder & COO


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