EDMNOMAD starts a Creative Agency to Help Music Producers and Festivals With Content and Social Management

We can help Music Producers, DJs, Music Festivals and other music-related brands

We’re delighted to announce our newest addition to EDMNOMAD, the EDMNOMAD Agency, from now on we can help Music Producers, DJs, Festivals, and other brands related to music with Social Media and Content Creation and use the same strategies that allowed us to grow to more than 2M followers on different social media networks. 

We have decided to tap into this area because we love to see great content on social media, and most of the time we see content which is not perfect and shared only for the sake of having some content online. Due to that, the reach and the engagement is not good and it doesn’t spark interest for the watchers to become loyal fans for that Music Producer, DJ, Festival or the Music Brand.

Thanks to our experience and expertise for almost 4 years now since we have created EDMNOMAD and gained over 2M followers across our socials accounts and also thanks to our valuable past experience in working with well known influencers and editing their social content and YouTube Shows for their audience of millions of followers, we said that it’s enough, we have the right experience to help music individuals to thrive on social media where is harder day by day if you don’t have the right content and plans.

We can help Music Producers and DJs with:

  • Social content for their releases
  • Promo assets for their releases
  • Video editing for their videos
  • Video editing for their DJ sets, we can edit up to 6 cameras
  • Manage their social media accounts for growth and also to create new loyal fans

We can help Festivals with:

  • Promotional assets for upcoming shows
  • Social content from past editions to grow the fanbase and increase the exposure and reach on social media
  • Increase their followers by posting the right pieces of content
  • Creating interactive Quizzes for their stories
  • Managing each social media account on each platform exclusively, as sharing the same content on all platforms is not the wisest technique

Send us an email at office@edmnomad.agency and let us know how we can help you

Make sure to check our website for more details and DEMO

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