Eleganto’s Live Debut ‘One Of A Kind’ EP

Eleganto, one of the most exciting talents in electronic music, has released his highly anticipated EP, “One Of A Kind,” marking a significant chapter in his artistic evolution. More than just a project, the EP represents Eleganto’s profound journey of self-discovery and his relentless pursuit to develop his unique sound.

“I almost faced a burnout due to a disconnection between my creations and what truly resonated with me,” shares Eleganto. “But in building this EP, I rediscovered my passion for music, helping me remember who I am and what I’ve always stood for.”

Listeners can expect a vibrant fusion of house music with mainstage elements throughout the EP, each track showcasing Eleganto’s commitment to crafting a sound that stands out in live settings.

The EP’s live debut at Levenslang showcased Eleganto’s new artistic direction, reflecting an ongoing journey of self-expression rooted in his vision for the future. Following the releases of “Hands Up High” and “Hot Rush,” the EP now includes three additional tracks, further solidifying Eleganto’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

“It’s called the ‘One of a Kind’ EP because we’re showcasing different sounds within the Eleganto brand,” explains Eleganto. “We want to break the rules of genres and show the world what Eleganto can bring musically. It means the world to me to share this project and many more in the future with you. Thanks for listening.”

Tracklist One Of A Kind:

  1. Hot Rush
  2. U Got Me
  3. Hands Up High feat. Kota
  4. Does It Seem
  5. Sugar Spice feat. LexBlaze

Download and Stream: http://stmpd.co/I8qHvsd0

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