liquidfive Lands on Sove for the Release of ‘Pretty Little Things’ Alongside Kovan & Polyux

Embark on a musical journey of love and longing with ‘Pretty Little Things’ the mesmerizing new deep house track from the German chill-house wonder liquidfive, in collaboration with Dutch producer Kovan and French selector Poylux. Set against a backdrop of chill vibes and energetic beats, a shimmering combination of ethereal vocals and stuttering chops appear to transport you into a state of hypnotic bliss. Perfect for those seeking a blend of relaxation and exhilaration, ‘Pretty Little Things’ invites you to immerse yourself in its irresistible groove and let the beats carry you away.

Martin Maximilian Kotzur aka liquidfive is a German music artist who aims to establish dance-pop and electronic music internationally. He has now produced and released over 100 songs and has collaborated with many international artists such as Tom Novy, Joe Killington, CARSTN, AndruDonalds, the famous voice of ENIGMA and B Martin, who won several major music competitions: Best Hip Hop Artistin NY and Who’s Next with Hot 97. Liquidfive’s songs regularly end up in the German and international dance charts. His song ‘Veins’ was recently placed in the top 10 of the US dance charts. Songs like ‘No Sugar’, ‘Thinking About You’ and ‘Both Sides Of My Heart’ were internationally successful on radio and the singles ‘Freedom’ and ‘Don’t Look Back’ have established themselves on festival stages worldwide, to name just a few.

Kevin Janssen, who produces music under the name Kovan, is a music producer from the Netherlands. Kovan began his music career in the early 2010s, releasing tracks on various platforms and gaining a following for his unique blend of progressive house, electro house, and future bass. He graduated from the Herman Brood Academy, a well-respected music production school that has produced notable alumni such as Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan. He soon enough caught the attention of major record labels, and he has since released music with labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music, NCS, and Proximity, among others.Paul Samra, better known by his stage name Poylux, is a French electronic music producer born in 1999. He discovered his love for music production at the age of 14 and started creating music as a self-taught artist.Known as during his early career, Paul made a name for himself in the electronic music scene by exploring a diverse range of music, ranging from dubstep to future garage, midtempo,drum&bass, and beyond, earning him a reputation as a versatile artist. However, after a few years, he decided to transition to a new stage name, producing under the moniker Poylux. Persisting with renewed inspiration and passion, Paul embarked on a new chapter of his musical journey, building on his past successes and pushing the boundaries of his creative vision.


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