Ferry Corsten & Matrsh Talk ‘Fulfillment’ Ahead of World First Back-to-Back During Miami Music Week 2024

When Ferry Corsten, a pioneering figure of the 90s trance era, and Marsh a promising global export under Anjuna Beats collided, ‘Fulfillment’ was the result. It was a ‘pinch me’ moment for Marsh who found himself collaborating with one of his biggest heroes, and a full circle moment for Corsten who reconnected with the sound he helped to pave in a fresh and forward-moving way.

Now, the pair get ready to unite behind the decks in a world first back-to-back set at La Otra club on Sunday 24th March and we managed to catch them before they close out Miami Miami Music Week 2024.

Ferry, in a few words, how would you describe the ‘Fulfillment’ sound?  

Ferry Corsten: Fulfillment is a happy, uplifting blend of house and trance with a deep authenticity of the classic 90s sound.  

Marsh: where did the initial concept for ‘Fulfillment’ come from and what was inspiring you at that time?  

Marsh: I was trying to create something that was progressive, sort of in the Argentinian sound of progressive, Guy J-esq almost. But, also blended with influences from trance music and the different melodies and chord progressions that I grew up loving. So, I was trying to make a bit of a hybrid with both of those sounds in mind and that’s how the initial concept came about.

‘Fulfillment’ has been doing the rounds on the dancefloor including your epic Fabric London all night long set at the end of 2023. What’s the energy and crowd reaction when you’ve played the single out?

Marsh: Thank you! It has been getting a great reaction. I finished the record in early 2023 and I played it most of last year, however, I felt like it wasn’t quite right, something was missing. And when I collaborated with Ferry it really transformed the track and it’s been getting an amazing reaction since! I think my original version exists online and I have played it in some mixes, and it works nicely, but when it dropped it just wasn’t as impactful as it is now. And it stays impactful and memorable even after it drops which elevates the live reaction for sure.

Your collaborator Marsh has had great momentum over the last few years. How did he first come onto your radar and what was it about his productions that sparked your interest in a collab?  

Ferry Corsten: I started receiving promos from Marsh for my sets and for my weekly radio show Resonation Radio. The quality of his productions realy stood out to me. The warmth and lushness of the sounds he uses had be captivated. He’s truly a great producer. So, when he approached me to do the collab it was an instant yes from my side.

Marsh, you’ve spoken on social media about how Ferry is someone you have looked up to for a long time. How does it feel to now collaborate together?  And what have you taken away from the experience?  

Marsh: Yeah, I mean, when I look at my trance records so many of them have Ferry’s name on them, whether it’s Ferry Corsten, System F, Gouryella, even Albion. I grew up listening to a lot of his music before I even started producing myself in 2009. Which makes it even more surreal to collaboratewith Ferry now.  It felt like a huge longshot when I suggested to my team;“I wonder if we could send something to Ferry Corsten and see if he’d be up for it.” And I’m still pinching myself to be honest. In a way, it’s also shown me that some of these wild longshots are actually possible – you won’t know, if you don’t ask. 

You know, some of these guys who I’ve looked up to for years, I’ve reached out and it turns out they’ve been following what I’ve been doing as well which was exactly what happened with Ferry! Him and his team had already been in discussion about reaching out to me. I guess it was meant to be.

‘Fulfillment’ is from your upcoming album Connect which has already exposed us to a real journey of electronic sounds in your releases so far. What can you tell us about the album at this stage?  

Ferry Corsten: The album is growing as we go, connecting my previous self and sound with my future self and sound. What I love about music today and today’s musical possibilities is that everything is possible. Everything blends together and connects in some form. It feels like we’ve come full circle a little, and at the core it’s about music again, and less about genres. Simply what sounds and feels good in the moment. 

With the trance resurgence showing no signs of slowing down, in your opinion, what are three classic tracks that capture the essence of the genre for you and why?  

Ferry Corsten: All you need to know about a great trance record is that it has to have a great sense of melody, emotion and drive. If you look at your favourite three tracks they will all have that in common. Trance is way more than just a genre. 

From your perspective, what is about 00s/90s trance sound that is resonating so deeply with the current generation of ravers and producers coming up into the scene? 

Marsh: Well, for me, that was a really special era of trance music. I think it’s like a raw analogue sound, which is combined something emotional and hypnotic with something fun and clubby and often you’d get a bit of a jacking house groove too. It was fun music, but it was also had its deeply emotive moments. 

Trance is having its moment again now and for people that grew up listening, it’s refreshing to them, and for the producers who are just discovering it, perhaps for the first time, they’re able to put their spin on it and create something new. And that was my case too. I grew up on trance and I’m able to understand what I loved about it and do it in my own way, combined with what I love about more modern developments in house and progressive music.

Miami Music Week 2024 will be the first time we can catch yourself and Marsh DJing alongside each other at La Otra club. What’s instore for Miami’s music people on the night?  

Ferry Corsten: I’m super hyped for this party. Miami always has a great vibe this time of year. We’ll each play a solo set and then go back-to-back for the first time which is really exciting. I thinkit’s going to be a deep fusion of nostalgic 90s sounds with modern cuts of progressive house, melodic techno and whatever feels right in the moment. In the end, it’s all about energy on the night. So, I guess you never full know what to expect…

And Marsh, can you also share some words for Miami fans on the upcoming show?  

Marsh: Miami Music Week is a always a great time to drop into town, there’s a huge community of people that just love electronic music and are open to different sounds and different styles and I think it’s gonna be a special one this year!

Our party is going to be a real blend of my audience with with Ferry’s audience and I think it will be quite unique experience. I’m very excited to play together and also to catch Ferry’s set as a fan myself. Can’t wait to see you all on the dancefloor!

Final Tickets to joing Ferry and Marsh at La Otra, Miami on Sunday 24th March 2024: HERE

Listen to Fulfillment:  https://flashover-recordings.lnk.to/Fulfillment

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