Futuristic Polar Bears Drop Stunning New Single “Love On Fire” with Cuebrick: Listen

“Love On Fire” is the exciting new single from Futuristic Polar Bears & Cuebrick featuring LUX

Futuristic Polar Bears continue to extend their stacked collection of releases with the stunning new single “Love On Fire”, out now on Revealed Recordings. Teaming up with Cuebrick for the record, the two producers bring their blend of energetic sounds and festival vibes again featuring LUX.

“Love On Fire” starts with a piano chord progression paired over the guitar. The vocals are introduced in the same vein and quickly shift the gears to a more zealous approach. Fran’s production abilities stand dominant along with Cuebrick’s knack for adding excitement to build-ups. It’s a beautiful rise up before the drop which is massive. There’s a feeling reminiscent of the golden age of dance music with a beautiful rise of tension resolving at the charming drop, much like a rocket taking off.

Making their return on Hardwell’s iconic label Revealed Recordings after a year for Fran and two for Cuebrick, the duo previously worked together on the progressive house smash-hit “Addiction”, which was released on Blasterjaxx’s Maxximize Records.

Check out “Love On Fire” by Futuristic Polar Bears & Cuebrick featuring LUX, out now on Revealed Recordings.

Image Credits: Futuristic Polar Bears & Cuebrick (via Facebook)

Nik Brown
Nik Brown
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