Get into a trance with the latest electro-banger ‘Mesmerize’ by Yves Larock & Oomloud

“Mesmerize” is the latest release by legend Yves Larock and returning Future House Music artist duo Oomloud. Together they’ve created a hard-hitting track that makes you feel like you’re floating at the same time.

It’s often said that music can make you feel things that are out of your control. This is especially true for the track “Mesmerize” by Yves Larock and Oomloud. Starting out with the drums and an ever-expanding driving bassline to get you in the groove. After that, the vocals come in, and at that point, the track truly gives honor to its name, because they are mesmerizing. With a drop that’s the perfect follow-up to the entire build-up. You have 2 options, dance or float! One thing is for sure, you will feel it in every fiber of your being.

Yves Larock already has a healthy career behind him. With a huge hit that mostly sold copies in Europe, he created his own hype train with “Zookey”. With no sign of slowing down, he continued his trajectory and solidified a global status with the track “Rise Up”. In the meantime, he has collaborated with the likes of LVNDSCAPE and Steff Da Campo. He also created the 2020 official anthem of the Ice Hockey World Championship together with Bastien Baker, called “Here We Go”. After all these achievements Yves Larock continues to look towards the future, which he does with the guys that are next to him on this record.

Oomloud are well-known returning Future House Music artists who make this record complete. They already generated multiple #1 trending tracks over the years with smashers like “Brighter Days”, Touch & Go” and “Ready Or Not”. This got them the support of giants within the industry like David Guetta, Martin Garrix, and Alesso, which shows they are not just another name in the game, but here to win!

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