Starting an exciting next chapter in the current ‘car music’ trend, Danish hit producer HEDEGAARD launches his own label OneHundred, immediately making cool moves with a powerful debut release. “NYC BABY” sees him join forces once again with trusted partner CANCUN?, honoring the latter’s home town while laying down a dark, temporized groove featuring ominous chords and CANCUN?’s deep vocals, perfectly capturing the vibe of a thrilling night ride. Be sure to welcome this auspicious newborn, as “NYC BABY” is brought to life on OneHundred.

Already crowned ‘The King Of Car Music’, HEDEGAARD invented his characteristic sound years ago, kicking things off in 2011 when (unofficially) remixing Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode” into electronic bliss. Since then, he was the mastermind behind several huge hits, including “Happy Home,” “Twerk It Like Miley” and “That’s Me,” generating a mindblowing 1,3 billion combined streams across streaming platforms.
Often leaning on his own, unique take of urban club music, HEDEGAARD recently started a whole new chapter with this sound. 2019 saw him drop the massively popular tunes “SA-MY-D” (alongside Matt Hawk) and “JUMANJI” (featuring CANCUN?), followed by more of these fresh, urban influenced beats, including a blazing new take of classic tune “P.I.M.P” and the current TikTok driven hit “All Designer” with CANCUN?.
Following the late 2022 hit single “JEEP”, the first release under a new artist agreement with Spinnin’ Records, the Danish tastemaker now continues his triumphal path with the launch of his very own label, OneHundred, focusing on further development of the worldwide car music trend.

The debut release of the new entity immediately emphasizes the label’s aim, as HEDEGAARD himself teams up with trusted vocal partner CANCUN? for a new smash. “NYC BABY” sees HEDEGAARD take his famed sound production to the next level, presenting a dark house groove, featuring minor bass chords and ominous soundscapes. Actually a celebration of CANCUN?’s home town, the famed vocalist immediately brings night time magic when he drops his first lines, setting an electrifying, almost cinematic atmosphere, only to gain strength when swirling synths create further mayhem.

HEDEGAARD and CANCUN? know their way around car music anthems, not simply pioneering this genre, but actually owning it from the very beginning. “NYC BABY” perfectly showcases this leading role, making the anticipation for HEDEGAARD’s new OneHundred venture even more exciting. Better get your motor running, cause your night drive soundtrack is coming up!

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