Hotboxx Talks About his Radio Show ‘All the Smoke’ and more

Miami-based DJ and producer Hotboxx has been a prominent figure in the Electronic music scene for over a decade. With an impressive resume of live performances at various venues in Miami, and several successful releases on renowned labels such as Play Records and Blanco y Negro, Hotboxx’s innovative approach to House music has earned him a loyal following. Now, with the launch of his weekly radio show, ‘All The Smoke,’ Hotboxx has taken his passion for the genre to new heights. In this exclusive interview, we sat down with Hotboxx to discuss the inspiration behind his show, his approach to crafting each episode, and what the future holds for this rising star of the underground House music scene.

Hey Hotboxx, how are you? 

I am doing well, thanks for asking.

You are launched your weekly radio show ‘All the Smoke’, can you tell us what inspired you to start your own show? 

I really just wanted a platform to play music that few people hear. To get them familiar with other producers that may not get a ton of exposure and also to put great labels out there who don’t get the exposure they deserve.

What genres of music can listeners expect on the show? 

My motto for the show is music without boundaries. I really don’t want to stick to one genre specifically at all. I’d say more than anything I just want to play good dance records. I’ll be playing Deep house, Nu disco, Tech House, Techno, garage, funky house, downtempo and a lot more. Probably the only genres you won’t hear are Dubstep and hardstyle.

What would you say sets ‘All the Smoke’ apart from other radio shows? 

All the Smoke will feature a promo every week of unreleased music which I know is not common for radio shows. I think there will be some very low key tracks that listeners won’t hear anywhere else. Including edits and unreleased music from me that won’t be played anywhere else until released. Lastly, I will be putting a lot of amazing local talent on blast so I think it’s going to show people how much talent is down here in Miami and what kind of quality artists are in the area.

What do you look for in a track to add it to an episode of ‘All the Smoke’? 

If it gets me moving and dancing it fits the show. That’s my only qualification, just good music to keep people grooving.

Would you like to have some special guests on the show? 

If so, who would it be? Definitely I will be incorporating special guests as the show moves forward. I’d love to have some of my favorite producers/DJs on, folks like Dennis Cruz, Classmatic, Saison, Oscar Barila are just a few I’d love to have. There are many more as well though.

What would you like to achieve with the show? 

Exposure, get people familiar with amazing new music while also gauging people’s interest in my tracks. Also helping push amazing record labels and producers who are more low key and may not get the exposure they deserve.

How would you describe ‘All the Smoke’ to someone who hasn’t listened to it yet? 

If you want to hear good dance records you’re going to want to tune in, I can promise each episode will bring something different to the table and no matter what you like you’ll be finding a few new favorites to add to your playlists every week.

Aside from working on your show, what other things do you have going on at the moment? 

A lot actually, with WMC around the corner I am planning a ton of events here in Miami. I also have my weekly residencies at the Clevelander on South Beach and Savage Labs in Wynwood. As well as a ton of new releases. I’ll have at least 2 tracks coming out every month from now until the end of the year. A lot of cool collabs on the way as well. It’s definitely going to be a busy year so stay tuned.

Finally, where can we listen to ‘All the Smoke’? 

So, it will be globally syndicated with tons of radio stations all over the world and I will also be posting every mix to my soundcloud @hotboxxofficial and also apple music. So, plenty of places to tune in and listen!

Hotboxx’s enthusiasm for music is infectious, and it’s clear that his passion is not only for his own tracks but for the entire Electronic music scene. With his weekly radio show ‘All the Smoke,’ Hotboxx is aiming to bring fresh talent and hidden gems to his listeners’ ears, while showcasing his eclectic style and ability to create a unique and dynamic musical experience. It’s a must-listen for any House music enthusiast, and with Hotboxx’s dedication and talent, it’s sure to continue to inspire up-and-coming producers and listeners worldwide.

Listen to ‘All The Smoke’ episodes here

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