Hrederik Teamed up with Notan Nigres to Create ‘Blame’

After the successful release of his solo track ‘In My Soul’ this spring, which became the most listened to dance song in Ukraine and took first place in the top 40 of the leading dance radio station in Ukraine, Hrederik decided to embark on the path of collaborations. He decides to team up with Russian producer Notan Nigres to create a new track in the Pop / Deep House genre. The peculiar female vocal goes well with light arrangement. Thanks to simple sounds and light summer vibe, the track will definitely leave its mark in minds of listeners.

«”Blame” is something new for me, my career and all thanks to my friend Notan Nigres. We communicate a lot and exchange ideas and only now began to understand in what format and how our tracks should sound.» says Hrederik.

For Hrederik, 2021 is one of the most breakthrough years in his career. His release “No Limits” became the soundtrack for online series “Псих” (Psycho), directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk. The series became the most popular online show in Russia and the CIS in 2020-21. The release «In My Soul» became the most listened to and popular dance song on the territory of Ukraine in late spring – early summer. But Notan Nigres is keeping up with his colleague. His music became soundtracks for four Russian TV and online projects. This is just the beginning!

In the near future, the artists will continue to collaborate and are already planning future collaborations.

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