Insomniac’s “Festival Passport” email was sent by mistake

Recently anyone who was a subscriber of the Insomniac events email list received an email with a “FESTIVAL PASSPORT” – just by paying a small amount of money for full access on all their festivals.

insomniac passport

But all this happened by mistake, the email wasn’t meant for anyone, but someone made didn’t double checked the system and sent the email for the entire email list. So if you are a die hard raver, then this is perfect for you because you can benefit of this issue and get the Festival Passport.

The Festival Passport has 3 tiers:

  1. A California festival option, costing $50 per month and giving you access to all of the California festivals on Insomniac’s list.
  2. A US festival option for $60 a month, adding festivals such as EDC and Electric Forest, which are not located in California, in addition to the California festivals.
  3. A “US Max” option for $80 a month, including all Insomniac festivals, concerts, and raves.
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