Julian Jordan Returns with a Bang: Introducing ‘Narcotics‘

Following the massive success of his viral hit “NRG,” which garnered over 30 million views to date, Julian Jordan is back with another electrifying single by the name of ‘’Narcotics’’.

The collaborative effort that went into its creation is what makes ‘’Narcotics’’ truly special. Julian Jordan, who shares the same publisher and management as Max Adrian Wuthner, had never worked together with the talented artist until now. This changed when Julian had an idea for a track and decided to bring Max into the studio.

Joining forces with the prolific singer-songwriter Jaimes, whose distinctive voice is well-known in the industry, the trio crafted the lyrics that perfectly captured the vibe they were feeling at the time. The result is a song that merges Julian Jordan’s unique style with the creative input of Max and Jaimes, who ventured into both lyrics and vocals, introducing fresh elements into the song.

“Narcotics” explores the concept that for everyone, something different is addictive – whether it’s substances, vices like cigarettes or alcohol, or the sheer power of music itself. The track’s underlying message is that pursuing what makes you happy takes control of your brain in the most positive way.

Julian Jordan’s music has always been characterized by its genre-blurring sound, and “Narcotics” is no exception. His music effortlessly crosses the line between different musical styles, making it a favorite among a diverse range of artists and fans. It’s a sound that’s tailor-made for massive main stages and radio airwaves, combining the best of both worlds.

Download and Stream: http://stmpd.co/61Dbg0Bc

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