Julian Jordan Talks About his Remake for an 80’s hit SHOUT, Advice for Upcoming Producers, and More

From one-to-watch to leader of the pack, Julian Jordan’s rapid ascent through the dance music world has been something to behold. It’s no surprise given the fresh quality of his productions, which always surprise and delight in equal measures. Not beholden to tired formulas or following the latest trend, he instead paves his own way with innovative rhythms, atypical riffs and endlessly inventive production creating a typical Julian Jordan high energy sound.

Download/Stream SHOUT: https://lnk.to/MokwhrUA

We just had the honor to have a chat with Julian Jordan in light of releasing his remake for SHOUT, an hit from the 80’s

Interview Notes:
00:00 Julian Jordan talks about why and how he decided to make a remake for such a classic and hit of the 80s
01:21 He’s the first one who got clearance from Tears For Fears
01:57 Says when he heard the song for the first time
03:11 Julian shares his believes on how people will react to the song
04:46 Julian explains the workflow and how they worked from three different countries to produce the song
06:25 Shares unforgettable memories from shows he played before the pandemic
08:20 Julian shares valuable advice for the upcoming DJ and Music Producers
10:34 Talks about that there are no rules in music and more…
09:28 How negative stuff can demotivate you as an upcoming producer
10:19 Shares the most beautiful thing about being a music producer
11:21 How Julian’s life changed since there are no live shows where the artists can perform
12:34 Why people should listen to the SHOUT

Quotes from the interview:
08:37 “Always be proud of what you make”
09:12 “Be proud of what you do, and be confident, and be motivated, and always be positive, that’s so important”
10:27 “There are no rules in music, there’s not a perfect track, there’s not a perfect mixdown, there’s not a perfect way of making a track, everything is music”

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