Le Pedre Talks About His New Single ‘Hot’ and Exclusive Mix for EDMNOMAD

  1. Hello Le Pedre, how are you? We are glad to have you here in the light of a new release and an exclusive mix you did for us.

Hello everyone thanks for having me here it’s always a pleasure.

  1. Your cover for the well-known summer hit ‘Hot’ from INNA is out now. You made it in collaboration with Hi_Tack and Consilium, can you tell us how you guys decided to make it?

Consilium had the original idea for this cover and reached out to Spinnin Records, they decided to assemble a great line up of producer for this one and try to make it a summer hit again.

  1. Can you share with us how you meet the guys and if in the future you might release something together?

We met each other with the influence of the Label, we are cool with each other and we will see if we can work again together in the future!

  1. The song ‘Hot’ by INNA was released on 12 August 2008, do you remember the time when you listened to it for the first time and where did you were at that time if you can say.

The first time I heard this song I was in a club in the south of France where I live and I was celebrating the fact that I just Graduated! 

  1. What’s the one summer activity you can do every day without getting bored of it? 

I really love mountain biking I can do it every day without ever getting bored.

  1. You did an exclusive mix for us, can tell us more about it and why people should listen to it? 

I was really happy to make an exclusive mix for you guys, I made mine with all of the music that I like to produce or listen to. You can listen to it while partying, at the gym, and even in the bedroom (fire) …

  1. You had the chance to play at some live shows this year, can you tell us how it was to play again in front of a crowd after one year of no live shows?

Yes, I did a really big stage with Kungs and Bob Sinclar a few days ago, it was thrilling exciting and a little bit stressful as well! A Dj is made for stage and it is very difficult to live without it!

  1. What are your plans for 2021, will you release new songs and collaboration, when we should expect new songs from you?

I plan to release a lot of new tracks this year and my next collaboration is scheduled by the end of August.

  1. Thank you for your time, and we wish you a lovely and ‘Hot’ summer!

Thanks a lot, guys! I hope everyone will have a good one too!

Download and Stream ‘Hot’ https://spinninrecords.release.link/hot-1

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