Lilly Palmer Releases Long-awaited Track ‘Hare Ram’

The first installment from her partnership with Armada Music and Kontor Records.

Released today via Armada Music and Kontor Records, ‘Hare Ram’ is inspired by Lilly Palmer’s deep admiration for Indian culture and dedicated to her loyal Indian fans. Drawing on inspiration all the way from Goa to Bengal into her production resulting in an exceptionally unique release.

For years Lilly Palmer has toured across India, where her fanbase has grown and flourished with each visit. Returning from her Indian tours would always result in exceptionally fruitful sessions in the studio alongside her husband and creative partner Egbert. After so many enlightening experiences, it seemed like only a matter of time before elements of the rich history and culture would seep into her productions and take her sound to new heights. 

‘Hare Ram’ utilises vocals from a Hindu mantra on a psytrance backdrop. The juxtaposition of sounds, textures and cultures is in every way an ode to the enchanting country and meant to resonate with music enthusiasts worldwide. The Hindu mantra blends perfectly into the nature of electronic music and brings a sound so rarely heard on stages in much of the world. 

India has, for a long time provided Lilly Palmer with a multitude of immense human experiences and interactions that have had a profound impact on her. She has also had a deep spiritual connection with the country. It is these majorly impactful spiritual experiences that have helped her bring ‘Hare Ram’ to light. 

Born and raised in Germany, Lilly’s real musical journey began in Zurich, where she spent a lot of time with the great and thriving underground scene. Her innate passion for music only grew stronger as a result, eventually leading to the decision to fully immerse herself in the electronic realm of techno in 2017! Lilly’s sound and style have continued to evolve, from deep and minimal tech in the beginning to one of the most colourful personalities of peak time techno, masterfully playing an all nighter where her talent and skill also proves that she lives techno and doesn’t just have to represent a specific sound. Authenticity, dedication and focus are some of her most valuable attributes, and so she spends almost every free minute in the studio with her husband Egbert, constantly working on developing and refining her sound and coming up with new ideas.

‘Hare Ram’ is out today on all platforms via Armada Music and Kontor Records here.


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