Lost Frequencies and Suark teamed up on a banging remix on ‘Head Down’

Head Down (Deluxe Mix)” is an Melodic house ballad sung by none other than Dan Smith of Bastille. “Don’t hang your head down, head down” is the main tagline in this song, encouraging listeners to keep their heads held high and look forward when life is getting them down. The melodic chorus is followed up by a catchy house beat with horns and piano in the background.

Drawing inspiration from the original ballad, Lost Frequencies and Suark have crafted a remix that seamlessly blends emotive lyrics with infectious rhythms. The melodic chorus, adorned with horns and piano accents, provides a soul-stirring contrast to the driving house beat, creating a truly immersive sonic experience.

Speaking about the collaboration, Lost Frequencies expressed their excitement, stating, “Working on ‘Head Down’ was an incredible experience. Dan Smith’s vocals are so powerful, and we wanted to create a remix that would do justice to the emotion and energy of the original track.”

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