Interviews Luca Schreiner talks about his latest single "Tomorrow", how he got into...

Luca Schreiner talks about his latest single “Tomorrow”, how he got into music production, his favorite track to remix so far and more in our exclusive interview!

  • Hello!  How are you?

Hi! I’m doing great. Really busy in the studio finishing new songs for the end of the year and early 2020.

  •  Can you tell us a little about yourself so that our readers could get to know you better?

Absolutely. I’m Luca Schreiner, a 24 years old artist from Germany. I’ve already had the chance to work as remixer for artists such Shaggy, James Arthur, Kelly Clarkson, Clean Bandit, Backstreet Boys and many more! Besides that I’m also releasing my own original songs. I’m signed with Ultra Music, the US based music label which is the home of artists such as Kygo, Deorro, Steve Aoki and many more.

  • You’ve managed to become quite the successful DJ/producer. How has the journey been for you up until this point?

It’s been a crazy ride so far. I feel super blessed to have had the chance to work with so many big artists already and I’m super thankful for all the crazy support and love I’ve got for my music that early in my career. I can’t believe that this is still only the beginning of a hopefully long lasting journey.

  • How and when did you get into music production?

Due to my dad, who’s in the music industry for quite some time now, I’ve always been in touch with music, in particular electronic music, from a very young age on. When I was 16 years of age, I then got into music production and literally started from scratch by watching tutorials on YouTube. 

  • What was your favorite track to remix so far? You have quite the list of impressive names in your discography!

I think my favorite track to remix so far was James Arthur’s „Say You Won’t Let Go“. This is not only my most successful remix so far, but working on it was just so much fun and the production ideas that I had for the track fell together super fast. Right away from the first listen I had, I exactly knew what I wanted to do with this remix. 

  • Can you give us more details about your work flow? What is the first thing you do when you start producing a new remix?

The first thing I always do is to check out the stems I get send by the artist or the label and see what inspires me for the remix. As soon as I have an instrument or vocal-line, that I feel sounds great and which sticks out to me, I start messing around with it. I think when it comes to my remixes I always try to keep the original vibe in my remix whilst still giving it my own kind Luca Schreiner twist. 

  •  How would you describe your sounds? How was your latest track ‘Tomorrow’ different from what you’ve released before?

I would describe my style as a crossover between Dance & Pop. My latest track „Tomorrow“ is a little different because it’s way more „Pop“ than all the other songs I’ve released before. I think it’s always great to not set yourself any boundaries as an artist and keep exploring new styles that you feel comfortable with. To me that’s the only way to evolve as a producer.

  • What can you tell us about new music? When should we expect a new release?

You can expect new music very soon! I have a bunch of finished songs that are ready to publish, for which me and my team are currently just figuring out the right release schedule. I can’t wait to show you all these new tunes that I’ve been working on for the past couple of months!

  • Tell us about your latest single ‘Tomorrow’ – the video is super scenic and fits the mellow feel of the track really well…

Shooting the music video was so much fun! We’ve shot the video near Lake Como in Italy. An amazing area with great food and lovely people. The idea was to create a video that fits the sort of laidback vibe of the track and which translates the meaning of Tomorrow visually. I think the final music video perfectly accomplishes that.

  1. What is the biggest goal you have in your musical career?

The biggest goal I have in my career is to see people continue enjoying my music and coming to my shows. There’s just no better feeling than seeing people having a great time to your music.

  1.  This is all, for now! Thank you for your time!

Thanks for having me!

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Luca Schreiner talks about his latest single “Tomorrow” , how he got into music production, his favorite track to remix so far and more in our exclusive interview!


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