Lucas Dekker’s ‘A Fire Inside Of Me’ Ignites TikTok

Lucas Dekker is a 19 years old Dutch boy, he has grown up with a passion for music. Since he was a little kid he was playing the djembe, and then he picked up on drums and piano. 

Lucas took now a gap year to dedicate himself to music, he picked up Logic Pro only 2 months ago and that’s when he created the song that would turn out to be a viral hit on TikTok: A Fire Inside Of Me. 

The song is very simple: catchy piano and vocals actually taken from Splice. the song has received plenty of love on TikTok, especially with summer related content, and with this song Lucas has really claimed the genre Summer House. 

As of April 17, the song has entered the Viral Top 50 Netherlands Spotify playlist at position 18 – the first song ever from Lucas is now in this playlist together with affirmed artists that have million of monthly listeners.

All the streams generated so far from the song are organic as they come mostly from social media and we see them growing and growing – showing that A Fire Inside Of Me is becoming an actual hit. 

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