MANDY Lands on Tomorrowland Music with ‘Get Stompin’

Belgian female hardstyle powerhouse MANDY is unveiling her brand-new single ‘Get Stompin’, released on Tomorrowland Music today! Delivering a hard-hitting dancefloor rave banger for her debut on Tomorrowland’s imprint, the new single in the world of harder styles marks MANDY’s first release since signing to Tomorrowland. Kicking off with an insistent driving beat and a pulsing bass, the sexy and groovy ‘Get Stompin’ is definitely one to rave to, bringing out real rave energy from the very first second and giving partygoers all the energy they need to dance into the night.

MANDY: “Always trying to push the boundaries within the harder styles of dance music, we came up with this catchy vocal and straight-to-the-floor melody to create a real dancefloor banger that people can’t stop raving to. It turned out to be a ‘’less is more’’ track where some key elements are really popping out. Make sure to play this one on proper speakers to enjoy the full experience.”

Download and Stream:

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