Markus Schulz and Sir Ivan Unveil Their Powerful Trance Collaboration ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!’

Renowned Electronic Music DJ Markus Schulz comes together with Billboard charting recording Artist Sir Ivan to present their debut collaboration, ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!’ via Coldharbour Recordings. A brand-new Trance production that fuses their musical individuality into a cohesive, powerful blend of uplifting sound, this new collaboration is sure to garner attention, showcasing the creative power of the pair as they join forces to offer listeners a captivating experience, that reimagines The Byrds’ 1965 track, breathing new life into the already inspiring hit.

Markus Schulz’s unique signature sound has taken Electronic Music by storm, with listeners from around the globe continuing to be impressed by his innate talents and expert production approach; as he puts forward his distinct blend of Trance, Progressive, and Techno, Markus Schulz ensures that his music contributes to the evolution of Electronic Music, resonating with fans as he introduces refreshing and innovative sounds to the scene. With accolades that include earning the DJ Times’, America’s Best DJ, an impressive three times, Markus Schulz’s talents appear undeniable, and this latest release only showcases this further. Another exciting talent within the world of Electronic Dance Music, Sir Ivan is also a name that echoes with respect within the genre: known for his ‘Peaceman’ status and penchant for introducing meaningful statements within his work, his desire for world peace and universal love is a message that Sir Ivan ensures remains evident throughout his music, appearing as a distinct asset to his signature style. When speaking about the release, Sir Ivan mentions: “My hope is that the contagious track Markus Schulz created will spread the lyrical message of peace throughout dancefloors all over the world and inspire its listeners to love one another.” A pulsing arpeggiator starts off ‘Turn Turn!Turn!’ as the pounding beat, driving bassline, and compelling layers of sound quickly bring high energy to the track. Then, as the emotive vocals of Sir Ivan enter the mix, the track soon builds in captivating vibes, leading the uplifting listening experience as the infectious synth lead and energetic rhythmic details add another layer of sonic vibrancy. With the multi-layered soundscape, full-bodied in arrangement and sound, continues to evolve, bringing a party-starter vibe, Sir Ivan’s message of peace and love remains at the centre of ‘Turn!Turn!Turn’, cementing meaning with each vocal-driven chorus. This track presents the hard hitting energy inherent throughout Markus Schulz’s music, bringing dancefloor-ready vibes through infectious sounds and lively details while showcasing Sir Ivan’s signature musical approach through its impactful lyrical content. An enthralling collaborative project, this new track is no doubt a must-listen, highlighting the powerful potential of the pair as they link up and merge their individual abilities, styles, and creative energy.

Make sure to keep up to date with both Markus Schulz and Sir Ivan by following them across social media as they are guaranteed to keep paving impressive ways within Electronic Dance Music today. ‘Turn!Turn!Turn!’ is out now via Coldharbour Recordings and is available to stream and download across platforms.

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