Marshmello’s Black Ford Truck has Been Stolen and Chased by Police

Marshmello’s Ford F-550 was stolen recently and everything ended with a police chase on the Los Angeles streets. His manager dropped the car at the Ford dealership for service and the suspect approached the car on a bike and stole it, but not before to put his bike in the trunk.

After the police have identified the car in traffic they started a police chase that lasts only 30 minutes because the suspect drove the car into a pole and the police got the suspect in their custody.

The truck appeared in video for Tyga & Chris Brown – Light it up, it is a 2019 matte green Ford Raptor called “Hennessy Velociraptor” with some customing tuning like the Rolls Royce-style ceiling.

Watch the full police chase below.

Photo credits: Marshmello (Facebook)

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