Martin Garrix San Francisco Concert: 34,000 Fans, New Music, Farewells

Thousands gather for four epic nights as Martin Garrix delivers a phenomenal performance in San Francisco with farewells and future plans.

Martin Garrix, the internationally renowned Dutch DJ, took over the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on June 12 to 15.

He delivered a sold-out, four-day spectacle that drew around 34,000 fans worldwide. The monumental event showcased Garrix’s signature performances, teased new music, and ultimately reflected his love for his fans, Team Garrix, and the EDM community.

Martin Garrix Opens San Francisco Show with IDEM EP Hits

The anticipation was palpable as Martin Garrix kicked off day one with “Carry You” and opened day two with “Empty,” both from his latest EP, “IDEM.” The EP includes tracks like “Biochemical” and “Breakaway” which has collectively amassed 35+ million streams to date.

“IDEM,” Garrix’s second EP, quickly became a highlight in his discography after its March 8, 2024 release. Fans eagerly awaited its debut, following its premiere at Ultra Music Festival Miami 2023.

An Iconic Track, Remixed on Day Three

Day three brought an emotional twist. Garrix performed a piano rendition of “Animals” remixed with “Poison,” accompanied by a mesmerizing laser show.

“Animals,” praised by Billboard as “big, brash, and infectious,” remains one of Garrix’s most iconic tracks. The song has been a commercial success, accumulating over 1.5 billion views on YouTube.

Final Day Features “Good Morning” from 2022 Sentio Album

martin garrix with matisse and sadko of stmpd records rcrds
2022 – Martin Garrix with Matisse and Sadko via STMPD RCRDS/Instagram

On the final day, Garrix opened with “Good Morning,” a track created with Matisse & Sadko. This opening song is part of Garrix’s 2022 album, Sentio. The 11-track collection showcases diverse styles from progressive house to main stage anthems.

Another standout track on the album is “Starlight (Keep Me Afloat),” a collaboration between Garrix, DubVision, and vocalist Shaun Farrugia. With 28+ million Spotify streams, “Starlight” is an upbeat, anthemic track that has become a mainstay in Garrix’s live sets.

Martin Garrix San Francisco 2024 Live Performance and Tour
Instagram: Louis van Baar

Both Matisse & Sadko and DubVision are signed to STMPD RCRDS — Garrix’s label aimed at nurturing innovative talent and a hub for groundbreaking electronic music.

STMPD RCRDS: Artists First, Always.

STMPD RCRDS operates under the principle “Artists First. Always,” reflecting Martin Garrix’s commitment to prioritizing the creative individuals he collaborates with. The name is a nod to Garrix’s father’s stamp auctioning business, adding a personal touch to the label.

In 2024, the label has showcased a diverse range of releases from its roster of talented artists. Notable tracks include “Control” by Vluarr & Merow, “Nebula,” “Throw You Back,” “Biohazard,” and “Give All” by NUZB, “Abyss” by Megisto, and “Guess What” and “I Got This” by Summum.

STMPD RCRDS has also featured collaborations between Martin Garrix and DubVision, producing hits like “Wherever You Are.” Additionally, the label has released the “Breathe” EP by Mesto, “Believe” by Third Party, and Eleganto’s “One Of A Kind” EP, “Hot Rush,” and “Hands Up High.”

Martin Garrix Bids Farewell to Stephan Themps in San Francisco

Martin Garrix - Stephan Themps Last Show in San Francisco
Source: Instagram

The San Francisco shows were particularly emotional. They marked the last performances with Stephan Themps, Garrix’s front-of-house audio engineer for over nine years and 700+ events.

Themps’ meticulous attention to detail have been crucial in delivering the powerful sound you’d expect from a Garrix show.

Garrix’s tribute to Themps during the show was a significant moment for Stephan, Team Garrix, and the fans. Themps has been instrumental in shaping the sound and impact of Garrix’s live shows since 2015. He worked closely with Gabe Fraboni to ensure a seamless audio-visual experience.

As he focuses on his health, his departure marks the end of an era. Thank you Stephan, we are grateful.

Captivating Visuals with Dynamic Lighting and Design

Martin Garrix San Francisco Stage Design by Gabe Fraboni

The visual team, led by Creative Director Gabe Fraboni and programmer Ben Dalgliesh, created a dynamic lighting and visual design.

They incorporated 138 Robe moving lights, including Spikies, Pointes, and BMFL Spots. Each song had dedicated video clips and lighting looks, elevating Garrix’s performance from a DJ set to a rock/pop approach.

The plus-shaped LED screen served as a central visual anchor, adding to the immersive show. Fraboni and Dalgliesh’s collaboration fused technology and artistry. It created a cohesive visual narrative that complements the music, design, and experience.

Martin Garrix Global Fan Base and Surprise Meet-Up in San Francisco

ADE Chat - martin garrix fan group in san francisco
Instagram: Cole Wright

Fans traveled from across the US, and as far as Germany, Poland, India, France, and Canada to witness Garrix’s performance. He played a mix of new and classic tracks, including an upcoming release “Smile” with Carolina Liar, currently available on Instagram as a 30-second sample.

On June 14, Garrix carved out time from his packed schedule to surprise some fans.

Cole Wright, a member of fan group ADE Chat, recollects the heartwarming event, saying: “Martin Garrix surprised us with his appearance when the group met up for a photo at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. He took the time to hug every fan, take photos, sign flags, and listen to what everyone had to say.”

The Unique Martin Garrix Connection

ADE Chat - martin garrix fan group in san francisco bill graham auditorium
Instagram: Louis van Baar, Cole Wright

Taking to Instagram, Cole Wright added, “San Francisco will forever hold a special place in my heart after this trip. Martin Garrix has given me passion, community, my chosen family, a reason to travel and see the world, and absolutely the most incredible experiences of my life! I can’t count the number of times my soul has been healed and the fire within me reignited while standing in the crowd in front of him. He and his music keep me inspired and motivated to keep showing up and striving to be the best person I can be.”

“I am honored to be a part of the Garrix Family, and I will never stop talking about it. If there were a way I could repay Martijn and Team Garrix for what they have brought to my life, I would do it in a heartbeat.” Wright concludes.

Martin Garrix’s gesture highlighted his dedication to his fans and his unique connection with them, a level of engagement rare for an artist of his caliber. His humility and deep appreciation for his fans, who have continually supported his musical journey, truly set him apart.

Martin Garrix: An EDM Visionary Beyond Music

Martin Garrix’s performances at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium were more than tours or events; they were celebrations of his musical journey. His tracks have become iconic, and his ability to connect deeply with his audience sets him apart.

Through his label, STMPD RCRDS, Garrix consistently pushes the boundaries of electronic dance music, ensuring artists are prioritized first and budding talent is given a platform to thrive.

The San Francisco shows were a resounding success, leaving fans with unforgettable memories and a heightened anticipation for what Garrix will do next. His ability to innovate while staying true to his roots highlights his exceptional talent in the ever-evolving landscape of EDM.

Beyond being a performer, Garrix continues to shine as a visionary artist whose influence extends far beyond the stage. His dedication to his craft, his innovative spirit, and his genuine connection with his fans solidify his status as a true icon in the world of EDM.

A rare gem in the EDM community, Martin Garrix is an artist who will undeniably stand the test of time as a music icon for generations to come.

Follow Martin Garrix’s journey, tour dates here.

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