MEDUN Provides the Summer Dance Hit and Takes us to the Sun

When we happily look back on the long nights out, we have spent together with our favourite people. When we feel the sun upon our skin. And feeling free. Actually being free. Then you know you don’t have to wait any longer: summer has arrived! The season which releases new energy in us. Which sets all the happiness hormones free and takes us straight to the stages of the best and biggest musical festivals. It’s the time of the year which its very own soundtrack – and for 2023 it is provided by MEDUN ft. ALIDA with TAKE ME TO THE SUN.

Just recently MEDUN posted on Instagram “Believe in yourself and keep chasing your dreams, they’re closer than you think! “. Words that symbolize the message of TAKE ME TO Because they motivate. Inspire. And show: Dreams exist to be realized: Pocket full of dreams spinnin round and round in my head now Pop your bubble, see all your problems up in the air now Sneaking out at night chasing butterflies you’re my sweetest temptation Floating on the clouds never coming down it’s the sweetest sensation The combination of energetic EDM beats, rousing lyrics and the unmistakable electro sound makes turns the tracks into the empowering songs with which the young artist MEDUN manages to inspire his crowd over and over again. This is also proven by his social media figures: More than 250k TikTok followers, 105k fans on Instagram and more than 500k monthly listeners on Spotify speak a clear language, MEDUN’s language, which is: Celebrate life! Celebrate summer! Celebrate yourselves!

With TAKE ME TO THE SUN, MEDUN does not only provide the ultimate anthem for a perfect summer. Rather, the DJ and producer provides his fans with a hymn to life. With a life-affirming track that encourages you to stop living in vain and to start making your dreams come true. To live life to the fullest and to face challenges with a smile.

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One day you'll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember.


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