‘Move me’- The song taking the Social Media World by Storm

The track 'Move me' moves the heart of people and is going viral Worldwide

‘Move Me’ the song of the moment is quickly going viral and making waves in the music industry. The unique sound has resonated with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, leading to a surge in streams and views. In a short period of time, the track has reached 10 million streams on Spotify and is going viral worldwide on reels with already more than 423.000 videos made with this song. “Move Me” was released in 2021 on the rapidly emerging Paris-based Record Label- Get The Sound.

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The artist’s fanbase is showing their support, and the song’s popularity is growing rapidly. Fans can expect to see more from Lavern, as the artist has just released, ‘Refuse You’, a new dynamic and captivating track that is sure to get listeners moving.

New release by Lavern- ‘Refuse You’

Lavern (real name Laurens Elshof) is a young chill house producer hailing from a small village in the Netherlands, who mostly combines chill elements with uptempo beats, creating a unique vibe and sound. Besides his chill house alias, he also has his project for house and techno called Lyfes. Lavern started producing at 13 and put his dedication to creating distinctive sounds. In 2023, Lavern will continue to grow and many more releases are planned for this year. 

Lavern is truly an artist to look forward to this year!

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