Nano Records Presents First Installment Tongue & Groove Remix Sessions

For the past two decades, Nano Records has been consistently reinventing and providing the scene with the most exciting psychedelic trance music. Now the South Africa/UK-based label is proud to present the first installment of their new remix series, featuring prominent act Tongue & Groove, as well as an abundance of versatile remixers. 
Part 1 of the remix sessions features reworks from USA-based legend Christopher Lawrence, UK talent Mandala, as well as exciting Portuguese duo Yestermorrow, while Part 2 is set to include techno remixes made by Gaudi, Jossie Telch and Luis M.

Tongue & Groove, comprised of UK producers Jake Ainley and Ric Featherstone, are well known for their unique combination of progressive, techno and psychedelic sounds. Having developed their own style, dubbed as psychedelic techno, the duo has gained recognition due to major accomplishments, such as their 2018 album Midnight Madness hitting #1 in the psytrance, techno and progressive house Beatport charts. 


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