Nora En Pure Delivers Dynamic Two-Track ‘Oblivion/Thermal’ EP and Presents First NFT Collaboration

Following her 3-track ‘Monsoon’ EP at the beginning of the year, Queen of deep house Nora En Pure provides listeners with a sonic escape in her two-track ‘Oblivion / Thermal’ EP on Enormous Tunes.

Easing into a restorative realm, ’Thermal’ is a classically infused composition that flows across a gentle instrumental arrangement. Marrying emotive piano chords and soaring strings, this soothing piece provides the perfect soundtrack to relax & unwind. Beckoning the listener into ‘Oblivion’, the tone is set with an undulating bassline juxtaposed with scintillating synths. Moving across a dynamic soundscape, this energetic number is crafted with the dancefloor firmly in its sights.

Delving into the world of digital art, Nora En Pure has teamed up with HVY from the HEAVY Studio for their first NFT collaboration, with two audio-reactive NFTs. The first piece titled ‘Aurora Surrealis’ dropped as a free open edition NFT on Nora and HVY’s social media channels and is a 1:00 work featuring the mysterious intro sequence to ‘Oblivion’. The second creation is a 1-of-1 genesis piece on titled ‘Connection’, which is built around the track’s dramatic drop, while digitally imagining the interconnection between all living things as experienced through music. Speaking about the drop, Nora En Pure said, “This exciting space that cryptoartists are embarking into encouraged us to imagine a surreal world where music & visuals immerse both people and nature in a bond of rhythm and sound. This connectivity to nature is something I strive to represent in all my compositions, and in this drop our environment and character connect and react to the sounds of ‘Oblivion’. We also wanted to introduce my followers to the digital art community, which is why we felt a free NFT drop would be a great intro to this exciting new movement.

Make sure to follow Nora En Pure and HVY’s social media accounts and sign up to collect on SuperRare for the unique 1-of-1 drop ‘Connection’ on HVY’s account – The owner of this piece will hold a unique key to future Nora En Pure projects.

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