N!smo Talks About ‘All Night All Day’ and Future Plans

1. What was the inspiration behind “All Night All Day”?

All Night All Day is a pure club and festival song for DJs. It’s a song that should make a crowd go and sounds like an endless uplifting drop. I missed a song like this in my sets and I figured it would be best to make one that suits my style of playing.

2. What sets this release apart from the others?

This release is a part of my shift to my older clubbier sound. Before I finished it, I had a lot of commercial Radio releases, but it would not work in my sets and I couldn’t play them. This record is perfect for playing and is simply the old N!smo sound redefined in a new era.

3. New and old vibes what’s that about?

So my sound will switch more and more to the old house style I have made. “My Face”, “Over It”, and “Temptation” were all about the club and playing it out loud. This is something I want to redefine more and more. So, it’s somewhat my old sound but now much more precise.

4. How did you approach the creative process for this particular project?

So I started with the idea of an endless rising synth, It should be something the people could dance on forever and then the rolling type of bassline I had earlier in records like “My Face” suited the whole picture. From then on it was just putting pieces together.

5. Can you discuss more about the new sound?

It’s a lot darker, has bigger basslines, and less atmospheric. The last month I have prepared everything to make 2024 a very close shot, of what I want to present and also display to my fans.

6. Can you share some of the key influences that have shaped your unique sound and style within the EDM scene?

There are many influences these days. But I think the biggest ones are underground artists from Sweden. Producers like Dice of Night, Oxford, and of course Swedish House Mafia have brought back fresh sonic energy into the industry. But also artists like OddMobb and i_o are great inspirations for me.

7. In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, how do you see your music contributing to the genre’s growth and evolution?

I’m not really into new and upcoming genres. I have a strong feeling that if something comes up you should walk in another direction or stick further to your style and sound. There are always too many people already doing the “new genres”.

8. Can you share some news about 2024?

Yes of course. Without spoiling too much I will release a lot of new music, and some more collaborations. Been working on some interesting stuff and I met the most exciting producers and songwriters to work with. Alongside this more shows, and hopefully a tour but let’s see about that.

9. Speaking about a tour, your live performances are known for their energy and connection with the audience. How do you prepare for a live set, and what do you aim to convey to your fans through your performances?

Genuinely I try to present the songs I have made in a new way every time, either I make mashups or just place them at different moments during my set. Plus for me, it’s important to present music that people normally wouldn’t hear. So I stay away from songs that could be played 10 times in a night, I always search for the unexpected.

10. What is 3:03am?

Oh yeah, so 3:03am is a label I created for myself. It’s my imprint to release the music in a way I want and promote it properly. It can be quite hard sometimes to find a label that supports your visual ideas or vision, so I started 3:03 am. It’s not for other producers yet, but who knows maybe in the future

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