Raaban Talks About His Latest Remix for ‘My Feelings’ and Shares Some Pieces of Advice

  1. Hello Raaban, how are you? We are glad to have you here. 

Hey man, I’m fine thanks and really glad to be here!

  1. Before we start, I hope that you and your family are okay and enjoyed some time together during these harsh months. How did the past months seem to you? Were they any different from last year?

Past months are similar to last year actually. Spent the most time home with the family and in the studio. 

  1. You have recently remixed ‘My Feelings’ from Serhat Durmus and Georgia Ku. Can you tell us what made you give your touch to that awesome track and create an even catchier rendition?

I think the original is really cool, and when I heard they searched for remixes I wanted to give it a try, and it ended up quite cool as well 🙂 

Download and Stream: https://fanlink.to/e3kw

  1. Because you’re from Sweden, can you share with us the secret of why there are so many great songs produced by terrific Swedish producers? 

I have been asked this question so many times haha, and I don’t really know the answer. Maybe because we eat so much meatballs and mashed potatoes, it gives us power!!

  1. What motivates you when you produce music and what inspires you, as well?

Motivates me – My productions sound better and better for every song I make and that makes me feel motivated and keeps my energy up. It has been like that since 2005 when I started to produce. Search: “DJ Raaban – Drop the base” on YouTube, that’s my first released song.

Inspires me – Everything! All kinds of music, traveling and seeing different things, my daughter, when I go to sleep. I can come up with so many ideas in my head before I fall asleep, I record the ideas on my phone so I don’t forget it for the morning after. Then I wake up and start working on the idea.

  1. How do you spend your free time when you’re out of the studio? Do you practice any sports or play video games?

I play a lot of golf during the summer and it’s really fun. Just started last summer. I play video games as well – FIFA on Playstation and Warzone on computer. I played PUBG a lot before, but I started with Warzone recently. 

  1. What words of advice would you give someone who’s just starting out on this artistic road of producing and playing music as a DJ?

From my perspective, when I started, I produced 24/7 and never quit, I didn’t listen to anyone. People laughed at me and thought my music was shit and called me “Dj Raaban” in school with a laughing attitude. My parents told me to get a normal job after school, but I didn’t listen to anyone, I just told them SOON, wait some more years. I did what I wanted to do and here I am now. 

  1. Can you tell us what you have in store for us when it comes to new releases, collaborations or anything else that you’re happy about?

I have a lot of good stuff coming. Some of them are written and produced all by myself, and it will be really fun to show everyone. Have never written a song by myself before, that’s something I’ve started with last year. It’s hard, but fun 🙂 

  1. We’ve all seen the consequences COVID-19 pandemic had on the music industry. How do you think the music industry will recover and then, evolve? Do you see any major advances in the industry, like technology becoming a bigger and bigger part of it?

Right now it’s crazy with everything because of this, and I never thought the music industry would be affected that much as it has been. The EDM is really on the bottom at this moment, but I feel it will be bigger than never before when this shit is over, then everyone wants to party like never before and celebrate LIFE at festivals, clubs and everywhere, and then…. They need GOOD MUSIC!!! 😀 

  1. This is all for now, thank you for being here and answering our questions. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us in the future to come, and hopefully see you soon at festivals, when the world comes back to normal.

    Thank you a lot! Looking forward to hearing back from you!

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