Seth Hills – Revelation & Void EP is Finally Out

Revelation is the final track that's added to Seth Hills' VOID EP and is also the intro track of this brand new EP.

New kid on the block, Set Hills, is bringing house music to another level with his brand new ‘Void EP’. Over the last couple of months Hills has been supplying his fans with one release after the other to get them through the lockdown.

The release of his latest banger ‘Revelation’ also marks the completion and official release of his Void EP. Together with his earlier releases Void, Instinct and Rewire, the EP expresses a new, 2.0 version of his well-known sound that steers into a surprising new direction.

The previous releases of the Void EP have been well received with EDM Tunes stating that ‘’Hills represents what authenticity means to house music’’ and Wide Future pointing out that ‘’Seth Hills has made his way up in the scene and he’s surely already left his mark in the industry’’

The observant viewers might have noticed already that all four artworks of the EP singles form one bigger picture together. Showcasing a story which evolves around a robot, this one will get a more prominent role in the branding and storytelling of Seth Hills later on. After the EP Hills’ sound will steer away from the club sound a bit to explore into the different realms of electronic music. One thing is for sure: Hills is always looking for ways to innovate himself and surprise everyone. He’s definitely one to keep your eye on!

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