Sistek, Josh Wood, & Knightly Team Unite On Electro-Pop Collab: “Simple”

Hailing from the Chilean capital city of Santiago, Sistek’s young career as a producer has already begun to take off. With his most popular tracks “Pitfalls” and “Storms” having reached streaming numbers well into the millions, he now expands on his release catalogue with his latest single “Simple,” featuring singer-songwriters Josh Wood and Knightly.

“I bought some healing crystals to help with my anxiety and when Josh came over, I brought them into the studio with us. We played the beat and started writing real over-complicated over-written stuff. We took a break, and had an honest conversation about our lives and what we were going though while eating pizza. 

We were feeling the same things that day; this worry and anxiety this pressure and this relentless pace of life. After the break we went back in and I blurted out that first line of the song and we knew what to say from there. The song mirrored our feelings and it all just felt so easy and…simple.”

– Knightly

Focusing on the everyday anxiety of life, the track strikes an authentic tone.“We tried to stay loyal to the name of the song by not overthinking the writing and the production,” says Sistek on the creation of the track. The song’s carefree movement and light, bubbly production strikes the perfect balance between uplifting and energising.

Stream “Simple” Here:


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