Sitting Down With Benny Benassi To Hear About His Latest Release, Satisfaction Anniversary, And More

20 years after the seminal release of Satisfaction, global musical icon Benny Benassi proves his undying ability to churn out hit after hit with his new hands-in-the-air single, One More Night. Dropping today via Ultra Records, Benassi’s latest effort is the much-needed anthem for fans around the world who wish they could extend 2022’s momentous festival season just One More Night.

On this occasion, we got to hear directly from Benny more about this new masterpiece, the anniversary of Satisfaction, and much more.

Benny, so cool to have you here with us today! How is everything in your life going right now?

In a good place. Excited about the new music and the touring, especially welcome after the pandemic…

You just dropped your new single titled “One More Night” which features Bryn Christopher, how does it feel?

Hahhha.. I should be asking you that question! Seriously though, I really love it, great to work with Stuart Crichton, one of my favorite UK house producers of all time.

It sounds so good, tell us more about the story behind it.

The song was sent to me. I really liked it, although initially, it was just the hook. We got Bryn to add the verses you hear in the middle which made it more complete, I think. And then it was back and forth with Stuart till we nailed it!

You celebrated this year the 20th anniversary of the iconic “Satisfaction” with a rework alongside David Guetta! We heard the tune played at all festivals we’ve been to, how do you feel about that?

That was a real pleasure for me, David was an early supporter of the original track in France and Ibiza 20 years ago. It was wonderful to work with him. We both wanted to refresh it a little! This version is easier to mix into sets the way records sound today, I think!

We know you are so open to helping the new generation of producers! Where do you see the future of music going in the near future?

It’s hard to predict and maybe not even a good idea to try to predict! I like to support young artists and producers who are full of passion and fresh ideas. My only advice is to be true to yourself and create your own musical identity.

This week you’ll be also playing the huge Soundstorm in Saudi Arabia, how does it feel before playing a festival compared to a nightclub?

Festivals and clubs are different sports. They’re related but different! I love both experiences and truly cherish them for what they are. Usually set times are shorter in festivals and it’s about making a convincing statement in an hour or less, on most occasions. Clubs are an altogether more intimate affair between the DJ and the audience.

Talking about big achievements, we heard you ran the London marathon in early October! How important is physical health in your musical career?

Very important. Sport is a way of staying sane, letting off steam, and importantly, keeping fit for touring.

What’s next for Benny Benassi?

More of the same. I love it!

Any message for all your fans?

It’s the most important message of all…. THANK YOU!

Listen to Benny Benassi’s One More Night on your favorite streaming platform here and keep in touch with him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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