Skrillex, Justin Bieber & Don Oliver Team Up for New Single “Don’t Go”: Listen

“Don’t Go” is the exciting new collaboration of Skrillex, Justin Bieber & Don Oliver that dropped with a music video

In a string of unexpected releases, Skrillex dropped his latest collaboration “Don’t Go” with Justin Bieber and Don Oliver. It’s a refreshing sound from the ever-evolving producer paired with a music video featuring the three artists.

Skrillex provides a more hip-hop influenced pop production for Justin Bieber’s euphonic vocals. The pop sensation has been renowned for his contemporary style which he exhibits in his new collaboration. Don Toliver takes charge of the song during the second part when he brings in his signature blend of dark harmonies with a trap flow.

“Don’t Go” comes as one of the surprise new releases by one of the most diverse producers in the industry, Skrillex who also released “Butterflies” with Starrah & Four Tet earlier this year. If his latest release is any indication, fans can expect to hear a constantly evolving new sound by the dubstep pioneer who has since moved away from the genre and is focusing more on being in the pop style.

Check out “Don’t Go” by Skrillex, Justin Bieber & Don Toliver below.

Image Credits: Salomon Ligthelm

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