Spotify Testing A New Cheaper Ad-supported Plan

Spotify is the leading streaming service worldwide. With 158 million worldwide premium subscribers, Spotify is trying to make its service even more attractive and accessible to users.

Recently a Spotify representative made public that Spotify is testing a new ad-supported plan for $0.99 a month called Spotify Plus. This option allows users to skip tracks unlimitedly and choose what specific songs they want to hear from an album/playlist. A new ad-supported Spotify Plus would be a cheap alternative for a less restrictive experience.

The Verge stated that Spotify is offering the new subscription randomly to users at different costs. This is to see if it sparks interest, while also making it clear that there is no guarantee on the final form of the plan.

Testing is a common practice for Spotify. They tend to test new features before the worldwide release. For instance, lossless audio streaming, which they began testing in 2017, is planning to come out soon under the name of Spotify HiFi. Premium subscribers in select markets will be able to upgrade their sound quality to Spotify HiFi and listen to their favorite songs the way artists intended. 

A more recently added feature is the “What’s New” button in the app. Users can now easily check which are the latest releases from artists and podcasts they follow.

Visit for more information about the service and its new features. 


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