Steve Aoki Announces Massive Virtual Concert With Sonic the Hedgehog and SEGA

Steve Aoki has just announced that on 30th November at 12 PM PT (3 PM ET) right on his birthday he will play a virtual set for SEGA with lots of characters from Sonic the Hedgehog that can be watched online on YouTube or Twitch.

The viewers and avid fans of Sonic Game can expect an hour-long set from Steve Aoki in the Sonic environment which will include one of the most iconic places from the game like Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant, and many more. Moreover, Steve Aoki crafted his set with some unique remixes from the classic Sonic Game of the 16-bit sound. Aoki said: ‘That’s the game I was most obsessed with and you know I remember putting it in the genesis console and just rocking out.’

Steve Aoki is a fan of future technologies, he recently made a partnership with Sensorium Galaxy to host VR shows with the latest motion capture technology to create a stunning experience for VR users.

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