Steve Aoki Auctioned Pokemon Cards With his Autograph for Charity

Every year on 27th February the international video game Pokemon is celebrated by fans all around the world by sharing different unique cards and love to the creators of the game but also the respect for other people who share a similar passion for the game. You might notice that Steve Aoki is an avid fan of the Pokemon cards and to celebrate that special day he hosted a live stream where he sold some autographed Pokemon at auction.

The auction was powered by PWCC Marketplace, the largest trading card marketplace in the World, and during the auction Steve Aoki sold some rare cards with his autograph to his fans for a good cause because a portion of the funds will go to The Aoki Foundation.

It’s not the first time when Steve Aoki did something like this, last year he did another charity related even. Even if the auction ended last Saturday you can still see the results and what cards he sold by clicking this link.

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