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Mixing your tracks
It’s always hard to explain how to get your mix sound as good as possible. It depends on what genre that you make, but also what you wanna reach. Every style has a little bit his own mixing process. For me it really depends on what i make. For example i finished a new fresh tune last week that i’m going to release very soon. It’s a Slap House track, so what i did was looking for reference tracks that i really liked and try to put a little bit in their direction. It’s always good to have a reference track or tracks that inspires you to finish up your songs. The mixing process is always been the most difficult part for the most producers. If you find your way trough it you will see that it become easier every time you finish up a song.

What i usually do?
First of all i always create a song from scratch. When i think ok this song is exactly what i want it’s time to bring every track in balance. So you must put it already in a good direction and with the right feeling for yourself and what you wanna reach. Also put all the volumes of the track in balance. What is priority for sounds are better in the background. When everything is in balance you are putting always sidechain on every baseline and all the leads. I always make two different sidechain lines with volume shaper. On the bassline i put more sidechain than on the leads. It’s very important that the bass not interfere with your kick. So it’s always good to have your kick in the right key of the track. Because then your baseline will sound better in the track. I always said there are no rules. When it sounds good, It sounds good! What also is a very important thing in mixing is to EQ every track. For example you have a sub bassline so you need to turn of all the high frequencies of that baseline. A sub has no highs at all. And with the analyser in the EQ you will see which frequencies are not there at all. You also will see frequencies that are sound really bad and give lots of noise in your track. You must do this with every single track, because sometimes there are tracks that has no strange frequencies at all, but you don’t want to have little noise things in your track. So when you EQ them really good they’re definitely not there anymore.

What to do with effects?
I always use a lot of atmospheric sounds in my tracks. It’s always good to decorate your tracks in a good way. Most of the time i use splice, but sometimes i search in my Vengeance banks. It’s good to search for good sounds that make your tracks interesting.

Question of the week?
how to master your tracks when your done with mixing?

when your mix sounds great it will be easier to do the mastering. you can do it al by yourself or you can hire someone who is mastering your tracks in a good way. it’s always good to have 2 fresh ears that are listening also to your tracks.



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