The 12 Years Old Producer, Tim Bozhkov, Talks About his Latest Release ‘Feel Fine’

  1. Hey Tim, how are you? We’re super excited to ask you a few questions about your latest release.

Hey! I’m feeling fine & super excited to share with you about my latest release with the same title & mood – “Feel Fine”. Thanks for the opportunity! 

  1. Can you tell us the story behind ‘Feel Fine’? How did you decide to come up with this name for this great song? What inspired you to produce it?

The idea for the track came during my first summer in Spain. Spain became my second home when my family relocated here last year because of the war in Ukraine. It was some melody vibes crossing my mind when near the sea. So I actually created a melody and it was just hanging somewhere there in Ableton for a while. The final track idea came after Amsterdam Dance Event and the inspiration I got there being in heart of everything for the first time. This came out in  ‘Feel Fine’. It describes in full how I felt at that moment and what emotions and vibe the track creates while you are listening. 

  1. Why should people listen to ‘Feel Fine’ or your music in general? What are you trying to express with your music?

“Feel Fine” is definitely a positive vibe, I would say the track of this summer that raise the mood up. Listeners can expect “Feel Fine” to make them want to dance all day and night, because it has dance/electro pop kick and a very catchy drop. 

What comes to my music – have you heard a lot of professional electronic music coming from a teenager? Definitely worth checking:)) My music is emotional and dancing at the same time, in a certain way it is a new generation sound – trendy but with a new age eye on it.
I am currently experimenting mixing the styles – one of my favorite future rave sounds with progressive (like “Feel Fine”) or tech house, bass house. More from me coming soon! 

  1. How would you describe your sounds?

If to pick up 3 words, like in Spotify pitch, then energetic, dancing, positive, like making you feel fine:) . 

  1. Can you tell us more about you? How old are you and how and at what age you got into the music industry?

I am almost 13 yo, 12 at the moment:) I am Ukrainian, was born in Kyiv (Ukraine) but currently my family and I live in Spain due to the war escalated by Russia in my home country. 

All started because of my mom actually. My parents were to lots of festivals and one day my mom got interested in how they, DJs, do this. I guess it was after Fedde Le Grand set in Armada Club. I remember she said he was virtuously playing on the DJ pult. And decided to learn. We got a little controller at home, I was 6, all these shining buttons, and I was doing some first steps with her. This is how the interest was created. So as the boy at 6 years – football and some strange device with shining buttons. My mom was more into Armin Van Buuren back then, so Armin, Tiesto, and trance music, this is what I started from.

My real passion started when I found out about Martin Garrix’s music and him as #1 DJ in the World at his young age. 

In 2018 Martin performed at Atlas Weekend, the biggest festival in Ukraine, and kids were allowed with parents. Last minute at the entrance we saw that there would be a Meet & Greet with Martin. What you had to do – explain why you should have been there. Mom shared my first mix from Martin’s tracks. And I was selected. I will never forget that moment! It was a few minutes, I did not speak English back then so could not say anything and it was a little shock! He wished me luck and signed my t-shirt (still have it here with me in Spain, for luck). Then I saw his show and it was wow! When all was over I said to mom that I don’t want to play football anymore. I want to learn djing and become the same level DJ & producer as Martin. So this is how it all started, I owe Martin for that passion & dream I am following now! 

  1. What inspires you when you’re in the studio producing music?

I really love doing this. This is like a Lego game. My mom often asks me if I am not tired, coming back from school and straight to the music.? No. I am not! Music production is definitely not a work for me. Number 1 inspiration – is my big dream ahead. I want to create the unique sound of the future. I am a new generation and I would like to upgrade electronic music to a new level. 

Another thing is what I feel – if I am sad or happy, that reflects in some melodies or vibes. Feelings already help me to create.

  1. What does a regular day in the life of Tim Bozhkov look like?

Depends on the day, haha. But the regular day is school, of course, I study at an English school here in Spain. Music production is my daily ritual. Actually, I almost have no days when I don’t spend time on music production. It’s not work or a must, it’s what I just love doing. Some days are full of Spanish classes and paddle tennis. And, of course, evening time with some PS5 games:))) A normal day of a 12 yo except for a professional home studio and lots of music!   

  1. What’s your biggest dream at this moment and what do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

I really miss performing at the moment, because I’ve already had this experience with big festivals in Ukraine. And that was so cool, I truly enjoyed it. 

Next 5 years for me are the years of my growth as an artist. I am aiming for regular releases, definitely a few hits, and by 18 to have enough music and experience to perform on big stages. 

And my dream at the moment…. Should I tell that? Hahhhaaa 

It is a DREAM – in October I will be in Amsterdam for ADE and Martin Garrix All Ages show! I can’t wait and I really dream of meeting him 1-1 again, because he was my biggest inspiration. If there were any possible chance I would love to have a few minutes b2b with Martin. That is my current dream! 

  1. What’s one thing you love doing in your free time when not producing music?

If only one, then Gaming! 

  1. What are your future plans, future collaborations, releases, etc?

Next cool track called ‘Trust In Me’ is on the way from me. On March 31st I will have a release on Nicky Romero’s label Protocol Lab. So can’t wait for it. We met with Nicky Romero at ADE demo drop and my track was selected and signed! 

Next months will be collaborations with other artists, so I am experimenting & join efforts with other cool producers to come up with something interesting and new. And 20th edition of my ‘New Age Podcast’ on Soundcloud that will be fully compilated from my own tracks and unreleased music. 

Of course, taking my production skills to the next level by learning from my teacher and mentor who is a guru in the industry! 

Hopefully, someday sets this year, I really miss the stage and the opportunity to perform. I love it. In spite of my young age, no fear of the stage. So would be great to have it, especially when I already have own music to share with the crowd! 

  1. This is all for now. Thank you for your time answering our questions. Where can our community find out more about your music and your future releases?

Thank you! It was a pleasure. 

My news and plans are always on my Instagram page –

My music and releases are available on all streaming platforms including Spotify

If you want to enjoy some of my live sets, they are on my YouTube page – 

Music podcasts are available on SoundCloud –

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