Tomorrowland Stage Designer files for Bankruptcy.

It’s very well known that big festivals do cost and make millions. Working on these big festivals is really a big thing. Several parties from Stage designers, dancers, booking agents, decor installers, music, and AV providers, food caterers, logistics and transportation service providers and more should be managed all in parallel and communicated with. For that, managing several hundred thousand attendees is no easy task. The game is big and ones who dare only play it.

The world-famous, Tomorrowland, one of the biggest electronic music festivals, stage decor and stage maker, Neverland Themepark Projects, filed for bankruptcy earlier last week for internal related matters.  the company’s founder made a statement online and said: ” We inform you that Neverland Themepark Projects is no longer active. We want to thank you for the years of cooperation and trust. This message will come in hard, we are well aware of that. With our whole team we have been fighting until the last minute, but due to a combination of circumstances, we are forced to close the doors of Neverland definitively. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience that we may cause you.”

With all that being said and taking place a Tomorrowland spokesperson mention that another supplier will be found and stated: “The main stage is too complex to be made by one set builder anyway.”


Paul Gryllz


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