Trance DJ/Producer Adam Ellis announces retirement from touring.

Throughout the years, it has been obvious that the load of touring is huge in the electronic music business. Several DJ’s and performers mentioned the absolute stress and physical fatigue that comes with the good paycheck. Some touring cons include: an unbalanced lifestyle, traveling in different time zones around the world, even some DJ’s don’t get the bill they want or the hotel suite they requested. As a result, while some DJ’s do complain about it, some others do keep their bravery and keep on going. It’s estimated that in some cases, more than 70% of a performer’s income nowadays in the music business comes from their touring activity due to a decrease in online and digital record sales and the numerous music streaming services worldwide. Some performers did even retire due to health matters.

With all that being said, earlier today, Trance producer Adam Ellis, announced retirement from touring and mentioned that his last performance will be at the yearly Dutch trance beach festival, Luminosity Beach Festival. Adam stated:” Unfortunately this industry can sometimes come down to who you know and not talent. What can I say?” See post below:


Luminosity is likely to be my last gig as a professional DJ. –I will save you the long winded emotional statement…

Posted by Adam Ellis on Saturday, January 26, 2019


Although the performer announced that he will keep on making music and producing, Adam will truly remain a name to remember among the trance scene fans who will miss his energetic sets in major festivals. Adam has been recently recognized for teaching music production through online courses and throughout the years he released several samples and musical preset packs too. Check out one of his tracks below.


Paul Gryllz


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