TripL Discusses Latest Track ‘Guest List’, Future Plans and More

  1. Hey guys, how are you? We have recently heard ‘Guest List’ on Revealed and we want to ask you some questions about it.

Glad to be here with you guys! We’re doing great, wishing everyone a happy new year and hope you had a great Christmas with your families.

  1. At the moment as we are interviewing you right now, your song ‘Guest List’ passed 200K streams on Spotify. How do you feel about it having such a big success in just a couple of weeks after its release?

Actually, it passed the 200K streams in a week exactly! We’ve worked extremely hard to achieve this and we’re super proud of it. Releasing a new track is always exciting, it’s like having a new child being born. Seeing how this track “explodes” is always fun and delivers a huge feeling of fulfilment that gives us energy and pushes us forward towards making more quality music.

  1. The song got massive support from big artists. Can you tell us who are the artists supporting it and playing it around the world?

The track got massive support from huge artists such as Afrojack, Timmy Trumpet, R3hab and Showtek, on top of that the track is currently ranked at number 3 on top newcomer tracks on 1001tracklist and achieved support from more than 50 DJs around the globe.

  1. What is the story behind the song? How did you guys meet MN10? Where does the name ‘Guest List’ come from?

MN10 is a great producer from Belgium, we met him online. A year ago he sent us a couple of demos that we really liked and decided to work on together and combine our sounds to bring this banger to you guys. The name of the track comes from the lyrics of the acapella “”Fresh Kicks, Iced Wrist, Guest List”.

  1. In the past you released songs that got over 1M streams on Spotify, can you give us some insights into your music production process and what’s the secret to getting so many streams in an industry with a lot of songs released every day?

In today’s day and age when you must pop out of 60,000 songs being released daily you have to make sure that your music is in the best quality possible. That the song is going to deliver an amazing feeling to the listener, getting them hooked on the track so they won’t stop streaming it. A quality production simply makes it easier to market which saves a lot of headache and gives instant results as you can see in our latest release.

  1. Each music producer has a beautiful story on how they got into the music industry. How did you guys get into music and at what age did you start to produce the first beats?

We’ve been making music since we can remember. We actually met each other through Lior’s cousin, who is actually Omri’s best friend. But the track that actually jump started our career in the music industry, was our single “This Whole Damn World” with Meital De Razon which won the MTV EMA award back in 2014.

  1. In the last 2 years, the music industry was heavily affected by the pandemic. How have you guys coped with this situation, and did this unusual situation help you to produce more music?

The last 2 years weren’t easy for anyone, with social distancing and forcing people to stay home we actually found this as a blessing in disguise. There was no pressure, time didn’t really exist, we just locked ourselves in the lab and made sure we’d come out stronger than ever and you can truly feel through our music. “Work That Bassline” won the most supported electro house track on 1001tracklist of last year and that’s nothing short of amazing. Besides that, we also recorded some live dj sets for our fans around the world. The most famous one was the collaboration with the “Colore” team, which got an amazing respond from the crowd and reached almost half million views.

  1. Going out of the studio to clear your mind is recommended to refill the batteries and get new inspiration. What do you like to do in your free time? Do you practice any sports at all?

We truly believe that it’s all about balancing yourself out, you can’t just spend the entire day in the studio making music eating unhealthy food. We like to work out daily, start the day with meditating, making sure you fuel your body with healthy and nutritious food to get the best results possible while spending our time working on music.

  1. What are your plans for the future? What about your dreams?

We are currently looking into switching it up a bit, while we intend on making more TripL sounding bangers the community have fallen in love with, we want to try expand our horizons into different aspects of house music and touch more people with it. One thing is for sure you should keep track of what is going to happen next year

  1. This is all for now. Thank you for being here and answering our questions. Where can our community find more about your music and your future releases?

Thanks for having us guys we had a great time, you can keep track of our future releases on our instagram: @tripl_music

Stream ‘Guest List’:

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