TUNGEVAAG Speaks About “Young Summer” And More

Tungevaag, a much-loved DJ and music producer from Norway, recently released a brand new masterpiece called “Young Summer”. With almost 1.5 million streams on Spotify, this track already brings amazing summer vibes, with a great melody and outstanding vocals. On this occasion, we had the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions, about his track, life, and future.

Hi there, how are  you doing? Surviving these days?

Hey, everything is perfect here. Looking forward to the future makes me survive. Thinking differently and releasing what makes me feel happy. It’s almost summer too, can it be better? 

You recently released a brand new track, “Young Summer”! What’s the story behind it? Cause it sounds amazing!

Thank you so much. The new single ‘Young Summer’ is a track I have been working on for more than 1.5 years. It has been done over 30 different “drops” and productions. It was Tommy LaVerdi who sent the topline to me. He did it together with Jesper Borgen and Iselin Solheim (from Alan Walker – Faded) and I fell in love with it. Jesper Borgen also helped me with guitars and instruments in the track.

Summer is our favorite time of the year because we have many raves. Is it the same for you? What’s a nice memory that happened during summer?

Agree 100 %, summer is the best time. Festivals, raves, sunshines and birthday. 

I think one of my best summer memories was when my first “hit” took off (Wicked Wonderland). I did the track together with Henning Olerud and Caroline Hartung, and we released it right before the summer of 2014. It went Platinum in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, 2x platinum Finland, 3x platinum Norway, 4x platinum Sweden, and radios over Europe played it. It was a surreal moment! 

We got booked to so many clubs and festivals because of that one track and we toured every weekend from the summer until the new year and got new shows for the next summer. This was the start of my full-time career as an artist/DJ and music producer. 

What’s your biggest dream? Maybe a collaboration with someone, to play on a specific stage, or simply visit a place?

My biggest dream right now is, like many other people’s dreams, that the world should go back to normal. Luckily, I managed to visit 110 different countries already, so I am looking forward to visiting the rest later. 

Dream collaborations within EDM music is Kygo, KSHMR and Don Diablo. 

To create good music, you need inspiration. Where do you get yours? How do you come up with these great songs?

I get my inspiration from traveling, playing shows, and combining what other artists and producers are doing. I think you will get a lot of inspiration if you’re happy with your life, really interested in making music, and have patience. If you’re not into doing this because you like it, you will fall out really quickly. It doesn’t matter if you can’t play any instruments, if you work your ass off, you will succeed. 

What was some advice that you got from someone in the past, and came out as being helpful?

If you do your best every day, you can not do anything better. 

Any message for all the fans that can’t wait to see you live in person again?

We’re almost there now. It will be better and bigger than ever. See you soon! 

Listen to “Young Summer” here.

Huge passion for electronic music. Clubs and festivals are heaven for me.


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