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Ultra Music Festival, that has been elected as one of the best and biggest festivals around the globe, and after last year’s big debate regarding its location, was brought back to courts due to location matters again. Last Year, many social and local institutions in Miami filed against the UMF Festival for several claims such as drug possession at the festival by some attendees, noise, and environmental harm to the park that it used to take place at. After that, it was agreed that UMF 2019 shall take place at Virginia key, an island facing Miami beach front.

While it was thought that everything has been sorted out, Rapture Electronic Music Festival, another well know music festival, filed a federal lawsuit against UMF, due that the new elected location has been already their location where they’re used to hold their festival, claiming that they already have an agreement to hold their festival in the same location till 2020 and having another festival in the same spot can undoubtedly create competition. See post below:

We’d first like to thank our fans for incredible support, patience and understanding. We have filed a federal lawsuit…

Posted by Rapture Electronic Music Festival on Friday, February 1, 2019


Full Complaint below (Click on the link to view):


After that, and earlier this week it has been known that a Miami Judge pushed back regarding the presented new file, and mentioned that Rapture music festival failed to proof and provide evidence for their claim and a source mentioned:

“..the Complaint fails on its face to plausibly allege any unlawful conspiracy
or anticompetitive arrangement between Defendants. Plaintiff relies exclusively on conclusory allegations of a conspiracy backed by no factual allegations whatsoever. Besides nearly two-dozen conclusory allegations of unlawful collusion, Plaintiff’s case seems to hinge almost entirely on the following allegation: “[t]he ridiculousness of allowing Ultra music festival in such an environmentally friendly location is absurd and a clear signal of an antitrust violation.”

Paul Gryllz


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