Ummet Ozcan and Will Sparks have Teamed up on a Brand-New Single ‘Apex’

Dance music powerhouse artists Ummet Ozcan and Will Sparks have teamed up on a brand-new single that’s coming just in time for the peak of summer, “Apex.” The single drops on July 8, 2022, via Spinnin’ Records

The legendary DJs, Ummet Ozcan of The Netherlands and Will Sparks of Australia, collaborated on the four-minute track that’s sure to quickly become the summer’s hottest festival anthem. Both DJs have already secured their spots in dance music history, and their talents shine bright on “Apex.” 

Ummet Ozcan and Will Sparks are friends and pioneers within the dance music genre. Ummet Ozcan has made a name for himself as a Big Room artist, with hits including “Beast (All as One),” “Narcotic,” and “Toast Hawaii.” 

“I’ve enjoyed working with Will on ‘Apex’ a lot, we are like brothers in arms and totally feel each other’s sound. Pretty excited about this one!” – Ummet Ozcan

Will Sparks is the godfather of the Melbourne Bounce subgenera, which is marked for its rejuvenating and modern take on dance tracks. His discography includes “Take Me,” “Tricky Tricky,” and “Devotion 2020.” 

“I have been a huge fan of Ummet from the earliest years. A big inspiration for my sounds and I’m so happy to be working together finally”Will Sparks

As the two DJs look to the future, they each brought their all on “Apex.” Listeners will be delighted with the song’s futuristic arrangement and hypnotic beats – perfect for clubs and festivals around the globe. The track’s strong bass is punctuated with snappy synth and robotic vocals, resulting in an out-of-this-world vibe that’s sure to become the perfect summertime banger. 

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